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Accessories for dancers

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Looking for the right accessories to level up your sensuality? Look no further, Likdancewear brings you the ultimate collection of sexy and naughty pole dance accessories. From the sexiest fishnet stockings to garter belt lingerie to tattoes for body art you can find it all under one roof. Therefore, when the question is about bringing in the wow-factor to your appearance in an affordable way the answer is Likdancewear’s pole dance accessories.

You can create an electrically sexy look by pairing your rave outfit with our light-up gloves that come in several LED colors for the ultimate psychedelic effect. You can choose from our wide range of accessories to rev up your attire. From our sexy rhinestone garter web to our naughty thongs to the variety of crystal pasties and not to forget the beautiful lashes, you are sure to fall in love with our pole dance accessories. Have a close look at our range and order away your pole dance accessories right away to show the world your true colors by adorning your outfit with the bold and daring accessories.


Title: Elevate Your Performance: Essential Stripper Accessories for a Dazzling Routine

In the world of exotic dance, the right accessories can make all the difference in creating a captivating and memorable performance. From garters to pole grips and pasties, let's explore the essential accessories that can elevate your strip routine to new heights.

1. Garters – A Seductive Necessity:
Garters are not just a fashionable accessory; they serve a practical purpose by keeping stockings securely in place during your performance. Opt for adjustable garters that not only enhance your aesthetic but also provide comfort and flexibility as you move gracefully across the stage.

2. Pole Grips – Commanding Control:
Pole dancing is a mesmerizing art form, and having the right grip is crucial for executing seamless and gravity-defying moves. Invest in high-quality pole grips to ensure a secure hold and reduce the risk of slipping. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned performer, a reliable grip enhances your control and confidence on the pole.

3. Pasties – Teasing Elegance:
Pasties are a classic accessory that adds an element of tease and mystique to your performance. Choose pasties that complement your outfit and theme, whether they're adorned with sequins, rhinestones, or unique designs. Not only do pasties adhere to venue regulations, but they also allow you to maintain an air of sensuality while leaving just enough to the imagination.

4. Sensational Footwear – Strut in Style:
The right pair of heels can transform your stage presence, giving you added height and emphasizing your leg movements. Select shoes that are not only stylish but also comfortable, allowing you to execute your routine with confidence and flair. Platform heels, in particular, are a popular choice for their stability and visual impact.

5. Costume Accessories – Personalize Your Look:
Enhance your stage persona by incorporating costume accessories that reflect your unique style. Consider accessories like chokers, gloves, or statement jewelry to elevate your outfit and create a more captivating visual impact. These additions can enhance your character and make your performance more memorable for your audience.

In the world of exotic dance, attention to detail is key, and the right accessories can take your performance to the next level. Whether it's the alluring garters, the essential pole grip, or the teasing elegance of pasties, each accessory plays a crucial role in creating a mesmerizing and unforgettable strip routine. Elevate your performance by carefully selecting accessories that enhance your comfort, control, and overall stage presence.