Best stripper clothing store

Are you an exotic dancer? Did you just start a pole class? Are you a runway/ fashion model? Do you want to feel sexy for your partner(s) back at home? Have you heard of Lik Dancewear? Google them now because once you get, Lik’d you never go back- to basic! With the hottest custom, unique, and handmade LIMITED pieces in the western hemisphere, Lik cannot be beat! Offering Dancewear for clubs, lounges, restaurants and bars, and even individuals, You can be the star in any room whether you’re the only one in it or hundreds of people are. With outfits that can cater to almost any shape and size, Lik offers the most convenient option of most of their pieces to be one size fits most. Lik is an exotic dancewear company located in D.C, Baltimore, and Atlanta with nationwide AND global shipping and delivery that makes clothes to make anyone feel sexy with any insecurity. Worried about your tummy showing? They have high waisted outfits. Worried that your breasts aren’t as perky anymore? They have supportive tops. Don’t like the marks on your legs? Thigh high boots, leg covers, fishnets, and more at your fingertips. And in the event that you’re into wearing almost nothing, they’ve got you covered (wink wink). One pieces, two pieces, three pieces, four- thigh highs, platforms, fringe boots, more! Lik is a Fun Girl’s Paradise! The staff become your personal stylists, as if you’re at Saks or Neiman Marcus, making you feel as good as you’ll look in Lik, helping you find yourself or stage personality- and enjoying every part of it as they do. And once you get your outfits and shoes, they have endless à la cart accessories and separates to add-on, grab a pair of pasties, lashes, invisible thongs, or even a pair of boot covers to make the perfect outfit and get the highest dollar. Want an outfit that’s out of stock, have a group of servers/ dancers/ staff you want in uniform, or even want something more personable to your character, inquire about customs. With Lik on- you’ll look like the money you want to make. As if it couldn’t get any better, Lik offers a customer loyalty program in which the more you shop, the more you save. They process your account information under the name of your choice and you can even use that same account to shop in store at ANY location or online for the hottest, sexiest, and most unique styles you’ll find anywhere on the scene! And unlike most adult dancewear spots, Lik Dancewear is a black owned fashion house with a highly credited published seamstress behind the image. They’ve received ample celebrity acknowledgments since their existence, from the late great Aaliyah, to the hottest artist out right now. The only thing left to do is get lik’d.  I promise if you walk around with the Lik logo, your only regret will be that you didn’t shop there sooner. Hurry in- quantities are limited to allow you to strut and shake in peace without worrying about the next chick in your fit! Get Lik’d while it’s out!

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