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Lingerie Party Ideas to Treat Your Bride-to-Be BFF

Lingerie Party Ideas to Treat Your Bride-to-Be BFF

Weddings are probably the parties everyone looks forward to the most. The free food and drinks, the amazing music and the endless number of familiar faces you get to reconnect with for one night of pure, unadulterated fun. But what comes before the wedding? And how do you get your bride-to-be bff the sendoff into her home that she truly deserves. Well, if you have ever searched for what is a lingerie party or bachelorette lingerie party ideas or how to throw a lingerie party, things to do at a lingerie party or sexy lingerie party ideas, this article is definitely for you.

What is a Lingerie Party?

Depending on who you ask, these are also known as lingerie showers and they are simply gatherings where guests are asked to bring the bride to be some intimates they think she would be needing after her big day. The idea behind it is to build up her lingerie collection so when she and her husband consummate their marriage they will not be lacking in support materials during their wedding night, honeymoon and months into their happily ever after. Brides have also been known to find frills during these parties which could be used in a boudoir shoot specially for their husbands.

The fun of these parties is in watching the bride open her gifts that could be termed NSFW but these parties could quickly go left if you do not plan it properly.

Lingerie Party Ideas: Our checklist

Every lingerie party has certain general themes which we will go over but feel free to personalize the party for the bride to be by throwing in some of the things she would love.

Find a good venue:

This is possibly the most important part of this journey because you want everyone to be very comfortable. It is important to think about who will be responsible for the party as well. We advise against using public spaces because most spaces object to having women waving lingerie in the air. Choose a location with the personality of your bride to be in mind. But we have some suggestions you can consider too!

  • The home of the bride
  • A lingerie store
  • The home of the maid of honor
  • A hotel room

Don’t forget to decorate:

Yes, this is your best friend’s event but it is a party as well! Now that your venue is secured, make the event more festive by building a fun theme into it. We have outlined a few themes that you can consider or you could check out other themes on Pinterest!

  • Sporty spice
  • Tropic like its hot
  • Devils v Angels
  • Slumber Party
  • Kate Spade
  • Wig Party: Role Playing

To set the mood, consider the following:

  • Create a playlist just for the night (Pro tip: if you know songs shared between your bff and her man, toss those in there too)
  • Build a bra and pant garland to hang around the venue
  • Let cocktails for the night have sex-based names
  • Get cookies and cupcakes but …with sex themes.

Do not forget to get food:

Yes it’s a party but your guests need food too! Especially if they are going to keep the energy levels of the party going till the early hours of the next day. We already discussed cupcakes and cookies with specific themes to them but consider other items like pastry snacks or cocktails with very specific names. All of these ties into the allure of the event and tell the exact story that you want to be told.


These are very important but somehow they are also very overlooked. Most people often wing it and assume things will work themselves out during the event but in most cases these games help get the party going and the drinks pouring. Every great lingerie party requires them!

Here are a few of our favorite games:

  • Pass the teddy:

Think of the popular game dancing chairs but instead of having the guests dance around the chairs, the teddy (or any object) is passed around. To spice it up, you can put a cheap lingerie or a hideous costume inside a box and wrap it with multiple layers of wrapping paper. You could also say the loser has to model the lingerie for everyone to see. As the music keeps playing, this box is passed around and whoever is holding the box when it stops gets to peel off a layer and show it to everyone. The music resumes and the box gets passed around again and this continues till the last layer has been reached and the person left with the box has to open it up and model the outfit you have picked up for everyone.

Trust us, no one is going to want to be the one wearing whatever provocative outfit you have managed to fit into that box!

Before we round up our list of lingerie party ideas, we thought we ought to walk you through a list of things to do and things you must absolutely avoid in order to host the best lingerie party ever! Check them out:

  1. DO NOT – Take any pictures. We advise you enforce a phone free night and take all phones before the event starts. This way everyone will be able to loosen up and have a great time. Photos taken in the heat of the moment have a habit of turning up at the wrong place at the worst possible time causing trouble that could have been avoided. So better safe than sorry.
  2. DO – ask her if she would want her family members there. Although it might be a bit uncomfortable, it is rude to leave out the family of the bridge especially if your bff is close with her mum or her sisters.
  3. DO NOT – assume your bride to be knows and has her basic lingerie covered. Sometimes, the best kind of new lingerie is the kind you can wear on a regular basis. Feel free to check through our site for some inspiration.
  4. DO – snoop around her personal belongings to know what she likes and what she does not like if you do not know this already. As you might know, lingerie comes in different types and the last thing you would want is for her to end up with lingerie she would not wear. You could consider taking her lingerie shopping or asking her fiancé for some help
  5. DO NOT – put pressure on her to wear lingerie in front of everyone. The most you should do is encourage her to be comfortable and be her best self. Do this and your bride to be will be giving everyone a fashion show soon enough
  6. DO – keep an eye out for who brought what. This will come in handy when you need to send out thank you cards

So there you have it. Our list of lingerie party ideas for your bride to be bff. Do try these out and let us know what you and your bff thought of them!

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