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How To Embrace Your Inner Stripper In Exotic Lingerie?

How To Embrace Your Inner Stripper In Exotic Lingerie?

Before we begin, let’s get one thing out of the way, every woman appreciates quality lingerie and the more exotic lingerie she owns, the more confident she gets. We live in a world where you do not have to feel ashamed of your body and it is necessary to own it and flaunt it in as you desire.

And what better way Is there to own your body by taking purchasing as many exotic lingerie as possible. You might as well get one for each day of the week, to keep the flame burning and keep the intensity as a high. But beyond that, there’s a better reason to purchase that sexy exotic lingerie you’ve been eyeing for a while now.

Embracing Your Inner Stripper

Everyone woman has one and I am sure you have seen her around before. Maybe she pops up whenever there you are getting ready for a girl’s night or maybe she shows up when you are getting dolled up for a night out with your partner.

The truth is, everywoman has that inner stripper that shows up from time to time.

The question is, do you embrace her? Or do you like society – shun her? If we are being honest, there is no describing a powerful woman without referencing the beautiful and amazing strippers all around the world. From the ladies working the strip in Vegas to Miami, Los Angeles and even Atlanta, strippers are synonymous with one thing and that is being in control.

Cardi B – global pop star and former stripper has mentioned on multiple occasions that she would not have been able to get to the heights she got to within her career if not for the confidence that came from being a stripper.

Strippers are beautiful, talented and are always spotting the best exotic lingerie out on the market.

Why should I embrace my Inner stripper?

Here are some reasons why you need to embrace your inner stripper:


Listening to Cardi speak, you quickly see that a lot of her confidence came from the sole fact that she embraced her inner stripper. When you have come to terms with your sexuality, it becomes difficult for someone else to portray their idea of what your femineity should look like and in extension what your life should look like. And that confidence quickly becomes you having a higher self-esteem like never before.

Higher sex-appeal

Let us face it, men are drawn to what they see so to see a woman spotting exotic lingerie is a definite turn on for them. But it takes a certain type of woman to be able to put on exotic lingerie and it takes another type to have exotic lingerie and embrace her inner stripper. What sort of woman do you want to be?


Strippers are known to have complete control over their lives. They make their own hours, choose their clients and do what they want when they want it. Embracing your inner stripper is embracing your life and seizing back the control.

So, what’s next? How do you begin to embrace your inner stripper and step into a life of control, sex-appeal and a never-ending confidence boost? For us, there are many ways you can do this. Some women choose to take up pole dancing while others attempt to go for a make-over. We’ve curated three easy tips to embrace your inner stripper

Steps to Embrace your Inner Stripper

Here are 3 steps that you can take to embrace your inner stripper and take your confidence and self-love to the next level!

Own it:

Your life is yours and yours alone. The year is 2021 and women are no longer required to look a certain way or fit a certain mold. You can make a decision today to own your life and all that comes with it and that includes your body. When you own your life and your body, you begin to appreciate yourself more, look out for yourself more and that brings us to the next step.

Find your community:

Ever heard that saying, no man is an island? Well sis, no woman is an island either. Strippers are fiercely protective of each other and they often move like a herd of animals. Finding your community and bonding over things like buying the latest sexy exotic lingerie out there can be very helpful to you as you begin the journey of reclaiming your life and discovering your inner stripper.

Buy that exotic lingerie:

Now let’s pause for a second. You have fixed your mentality towards yourself and you have a community of amazing ladies looking out for you, what next? You have to shop the look! Ever heard of dress the part you want to get? Strippers are stylish and always look like they stepped out of the pages of a magazine. But that could be you. We’ve got exotic lingerie for every woman irrespective of age or size.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We know this might feel like a new journey to go on, so we’ve complied some of the frequently asked questions, we’ve received about exotic lingerie and embracing your inner stripper:

What exotic lingerie is right for me?

This is a loaded question and there’s a lot of things to take into account. For example:

  • Body type
  • Occasion
  • Budget
  • Personal style

Does embracing my inner stripper mean I have to actually strip?

Not unless you want to. Embracing your inner stripper means embracing who you truly are and living life on your own terms. If living life on your terms involves actually stripping, then go for it. If not, find out what that is and go for it!


Exotic Lingerie is one of the quickest ways to embrace your inner stripper and embracing your inner stripper is necessary to become the woman you need to become. So slow down and make a list, do not be shy to experiment between multiple types of sexy exotic lingerie as you set out on your journey.

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